We conducted the usual soccer training from 0800hrs.
The session focused on ball handling and control, basic fitness and possession training.  Based on these, the players are improving steadily in terms of their skills on the ball generally.  This will continue in subsequent sessions as we aim to improve on basic passing, stopping and dribbling the ball as we continue to indulge the players.
Communication in English is also still a major challenge for the children and most times they fail to express themselves simply because they have challenges speaking fluent English.  We are confident that practise in this will make them perfect.  Parents can also assist in this role by engaging their children in English to improve their grammar.
Some of the not so disciplined children are being taught the importance of respect ammong each other as this is one team.  We will resume our environmental program by planting a tree at a venue yet to be communicated in the course of the week
A major aim of this program is to encourage sharing of quality time with their children.  We are organizing a friendly match on 24/06/17 and want to encourage parents to attend this match as it would mean a great deal to their children.

We were also privileged to welcome our new future stars namely:

Edward Maina
David Wainaina
Angela Ndungu
Winshel Tanya

We thank all the parents for your cooperation in improving the lives of your children.

  1. Player of the day: David Wainaina
  2. Most promising player: Angela Ndungu
  3. Day’s Captain: Sammy Bisini

The Gallery:

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