26/06/17- Morale boosting Victory for Polygon Soccer in Maiden match

This match was played on the said date at Nakeal grounds from 1430hrs. Being the first match for our team, the players took a while to settle into the game but eventually got rid of the stage fright and were able to come back with a win. The home team started strongly and were awarded with a goal within the first quarter. They were 2 goals up just before the break and carried a healthy 2-0 lead at half time.

in the second stanza, tables were turned, thanks to the pep-talk by Polygon’s inspiring coach as two goals in succession ensured matters were level within the first quarter of the second half. Spirited play by Polygon soccer ensured that they bagged the win with a last minute goal by the talisman Hillary that ensures a successful first match for team Polygon.

The man of the match though was Sammy Ontiti who despite of his diminutive stature, raided the opponents half and gave all the opposing defenders a hectic time.

It ended 3-2 in favor of Polygon Soccer

We look forward to the next friendly match.


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