Training was conducted as usual with new players joining the team. this included

1. Dadius Magero

2. Morgan Migose

3. John Tarus

4. John Muchai

5. Moses Mwangi

Play mainly emphasized on fitness and basic ball control form all the players. It was also a psychological preparation for the friendly match that is to be played on 26/06/17 against RVSA  u-13 of Kware area at Nakeal Stadium. Tactical discipline interns of releasing the ball as fast as possible to a teammate was the main agenda. Sprints were also a major part of the session to improve the fitness of the players. in basic ball handling, the correct way to trap and control the ball before making an accurate pass was key as we aim to encourage neat passing soccer by the players.

Players were encouraged to participate and ask for the ball as much as possible to encourage ball possession in their group. in doing this, it encourages teamwork among individual players and the playing unit as a whole.

Enjoy the gallery from this session.


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