Another training day at the Polygon den.

Emphasis this time round was on accurate passing, positioning in a game situation and general fitness of the players.

Fitness was taken care of in the short sprints and endurance runs around the pitch to encourage the players to push to their limits as they aim to attain acceptable fitness levels. This is a continuous process and will be part of all training sessions.

Concerning accurate passing, the players went through one touch accurate passing drills and also stopping/trapping the ball then looking towards the target then passing towards that target accurately. This is also a continuous process done every training session.

Abit of actual game play to encourage possession football enabled the lead instructor to be able to position and enforce proper positioning during matches as this brings about effective movement of the ball and effective transition from a goalkeeper to defence, then midfield, attack then a goal.

On an individual level, the most improved player was David Wainaina, 9 years.

New Players:

Asbel Cheruiyot

Jeremy leshore

Enjoy the gallery:


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