Training: 08/07/17

Training started as usual at 0800hrs.

On this day, focus was on pass accuracy, Ball control, fitness and Headers

In pass accuracy, the players learnt how to stop a ball in motion, take time to look for a target, then pass the ball accurately using the inside of their foot.  This was done for a considerable amount of time until the players got some considerable idea of how it is done. This is a continuous training routine as it will be implemented in every session to improve on every individual player’s ability to give an accurate pass.

Under game play, emphasis was also given to providing accurate passes as a team to created a perfect build up as a team in a game situation.  Fitness, as always, included short sprints to improve on the players’ reactiong and turning in a game situation.  This is carried out after every major segment to build up to the next segment.

We were priviledged and warmly welcomed a new player, Victor Kirimi.  Player of the day was Hillary Bahati

Enjoy the gallery:



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