15/07/2017- Training

As usual, Training kicked off at 0800hrs.

This session was mainly a continuation of the last drills with abit of adjustments that demanded perfection of the previous drills. Emphasis was on the following:

Pass accuracy

Basic Fitness

Dribbling skills

Long passes

Passing game

Pass accuracy was the main drill for the day as the players practised accurate passing with the lead instructor. Each player had to make several attempts to provide an accurate pass with a single touch of the ball after receiving it. Great improvements were visible especially on the younger players.  The players, as usual went through sprints and jumps that greatly impacted on their fitness in general.

The players went throught dribbling drills with emphasis on retaining the ball closest to your foot as you dribble. By the end of this drill, the players were also able to attempt dribbling the ball using the left foot which they had never tried at all! Great strides achieved here.

the players were also instructed to make use of the whole pitch to provide long passes to their teammates in an attempt to increase the accuracy in the same during game situations.  this needs much more practice. As the players were divided into two teams, the main agenda became releasing the ball as fast as possible and work as a team from build up from their own half through to progression into the opponents’ half and finally get a goal after a patient but effective build up. This also needs more practice.

Player of the day: Jeremy Leshore

Most improved player: David Wainaina

In our quest to make an impact on the environment, we planted 4 trees at 3rd close flats along Kimani road. As usual, the children were very excited and proud to make a difference. If you have space and might want trees planted in your home, kindly contact us and we would be happy to plat trees.

Enjoy the gallery:



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