29/07/17-Saturday training

After the draw from last week’s friendly, focus was on the failures/shortcomings of the team going forward. Emphasis here primarily based on pass accuracy, positioning and basic ball control.

The session started at 0800hrs as usual with war ups and basic ball control drills on the cards. Stopping/trapping the ball and giving an accurate pass to a teammate were the main point in this drills. Afterwards, basic dribbling and turning while dribbling at an acceptable speed was key here. These drills will be repeated in subsequent sessions until perfection is achieved. The players showed encouraging signs in the grasp of these concepts and will definitely acquire some level of comfort when doing them in due time.

In possession play, emphasis was placed on urgency to score goals in limited time. The players were to score a goal within a set timeline which resulted in cultivation of urgency in their play so as to achieve the targets set. Training also involved creating the most effective build up formations to effectively create and score goals. This is continuously being done through positioning and maintaining those positions to improve possession play and create most goal chances.

We were joined by Victor’s father, Mr Edward Mwirigi who enjoyed himself training with the players.

Enjoy the gallery:


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