12/08/17- training

We conducted a successful training session as we gear up fro Friday’s friendly against LYSA in Laiser Hill Academy.

Emphasis on this day was on fitness as we have been having a problem of maintaining the momentum that we bulid when we start matches as it fades with time.  Since maintaining the tempo has been a problem, we are concentrating our efforts on short sprints, quick turns and endurance jogging. This is of course combined with the usual ball work drills that we conduct in every session to improve personal ball-handling skills and footwork.  The players responded rather reluctantly as they dont fancy running for long periods of time but most of them were able to meet the threshold required. Fitness drills will continue in the next training session to improve on personal fitness of every player.

Alongside this runs, the team also did a lot of teamwork drills to try and cover each other incase of need. Time management and urgency to go forward and score goals was also part of this training. Players learnt how to convert from defense to attack using minimal time possible to get goals..

The gallery:



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