Polygon slump to heaviest defeat at ProSoccer-26/08/17

This day began very well as the team was able to plat some trees at Mrs Rosemary’s residence. We continue with the massive tree planting drive at the same venur in the coming weeks as she has been kind enough to invite us to the residence once again for a repeat exercise. We, at Polygon Soccer, appreciate her kind Gesture.

Matters on the pitch were a disaster for our team as we received the heaviest defeat in the history of the team going down 11-2 at the hands of the Kaloleni based, visibly tactically superior ProSoccer team it their home turf in Kaloleni. Displaying their superior tactical skills from the first whistle, ProSoccer were on a class of their own and showed little error in their flowing gameplay as they took total control of the possession in a heavily one sided match.

The scoreline at the breather was not surprising as Polygon had fallen 5 goals down and had little say as far as all departments were concerned. Hillary and Antony spared some blushes for a wounded polygon Soccer team as they managed to score in each half but that wasnt enough to restore any form of parity.

Polygon had some moments of brilliance but most of them didnt yield much as ProSoccer maintained their momentum from beginning to end.

Polygon went home wounded but most importantly, learnt some vital lessons as more of these matches are to be lined up so that our experience and confidence levels improve ion away matches.  We thank all stakeholders who facilitated the trip and encourage them to do more of the same in future.

The gallery:


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