Polygon fall on return match

This match was played on Saturday, 09/09/2017.

Polygon were going for the return match against the much fancied Gataka Homeboys whos homeground is near the Cooperative university College in Karen.

The match started on a high pace as Gataka, the hometeam began on an attacking mode causing danger and threatening early on their opponents half.  Polygon held on, though they took too long to settle and adjust to the playing surface.  Polygon held their own and come half time, they were 2-0 down.

In the second stanza, a mixture of loss of confidence, goal keeping blunders and fatigue made Polygon loose track and end up conceding 5 more goals to end a miserable afternoon for the Polygon team.  The match ended 7-0 in favour of the home side, Gataka Homeboyz.

Vital lessons were learnt during this match as Polygon need to work on their fitness, positioning and confidence especially in away matches.  We continually encourage the team to work harder and be determined so as to meet their goals.

The gallery:

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