Training 24/09/17

This training was mainly based on fitness and reaction drills.

The players were subjected to Long endurance runs as well as short sprints to improve on their stamina that is gradually catching up.  Reaction drills includes short runs in between cones to help players make quick turns and backtrack faster to help i sudden change of direction in actual matches.  These were supplemented by frequent stretches in between the drills to protect the players’ muscles and joints.

After all these, some ball-work drills were performed that included dribbling skills and accurate passing drills. We still have problems in this particular department thus these will be done in every session. On a positive note, most of the players can now comfortably stop/ control the ball and give an in-foot pass to a team member.

Lastly, the players were divided into 2 teams and played a match with emphasis on passing to each other as quickly as possible and marking a man per person. positional play was also a top agenda that basically tries to avoid crowding of the ball in one region by most players.

After the session,m tree planting took place at Mrs Rosemary’s place where the team planted 5 trees in our ongoing environmental campaign.

We are trusting that the next session on 30/09/17 will take place at Ole Frema High school as preparations are almost complete.  We will give updates on the same

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