New grounds, New beginnings 30/09/17

We were all excited as Polygon Soccer when we had our first training session at our new training grounds at Ole Frema High School, located in Ongata Rongai, Mage Rd, Opposite Laiser Hill Academy just a little past HOG Rongai church. We would like to sincerely thank management of the school for providing the space and a secure environment for the kids to play in.

Our training focused on accurate passing, dribbling skills and most importantly general fitness of the team.   We are gearing up for a friendly on 7th Oct 2017 at DePaul Centre and are sharpening up towards that event.

On Sunday, 1/10/17, we had a hurriedly convened friendly match against Volcano FC which our team lost 2-4.   We would like to congratulate our boys for the improved performance of theb team as the y are slowly and steadily implementing the skills they are gaining from the training sessions they attend regularly.

Coming saturdays match will commence at 0930hrs; thus the team will be leaving Rongai at 0830hrs heading to Karen for the match.

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