Mixed results for Polygon Soccer-07/10/17

We would like to officially announce that we now have an U-10 team that is rearing to go.

This was confirmed on 07/10/17 when they made their debut against Great Vision Academy’s U-10 team at DePaul Centre in Karen. Playing for the first time, the team jelled very quickly and took control of the match from the first whistle. Dangerman Sammy Bisini,9 years was the star of the day after a classy performance that ensured he scored 4 goals that helped the team cruise to a 6-2 drubbing of their opponents Great Vision Academy.

Polygon were the quickest to settle and raided the Great Vision’s goalmouth for the entire first half as they ensured nothing was left to chance. Attacks after attacks were the order of the day as the Great Vision team were left chasing the ball for most of the half. It ended 4-0.  Great Vision uped their game in the second stanza and were able to score 2 goals but the gap remained consistent as Polygon also added 2 more goals to solidify the win. We congratulate the young ones.

The second match, pitting the  U-13s was contrary to the first one as Polygon suffered a 0-2 loss to Great Vision’s U-13.  The Polygon boys just didnt arrive at the match as GV took total control of the game from the first minute. The match was almost evenly balanced as the half elapsed and Polygon were luck to escape with a draw after the First half. The second was a different story as GV asserted their dominance of the match and were able to score 2 goals in succession to cement a 2 goal cushion that Polygon were unable to recover from.

We go back to normal training as we await the next match which we aim to improve on our weaknesses.


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