Saturday training- 29/10/17

We are in the school holidays and have began out holiday program training which basically means that training will be conducted on Tuesdays,  Thursdays and Saturdays for November and December.

This began on 28/10/17.

Training was centered mostly on ballwork and marking. In ballwork, basic accuracy in passing was the main emphasis where the players learnt how to give passes under high pressure and without looking down. This is important in a game situation as the player can pass his team-mate accurately while under pressure. This will be repeated in subsequent training sessions till perfection.

Marking has been a major challenge to the players. Here, players were taught how to identify a free opponent and not only to mark him, but also to stick with him and deny him the ball from another opposing player. This is to be perfected in the coming sessions also.

We cleared training and went to present a success card to Peris, one of our members, at her home. We wish her success in the coming KCPE exams.

After that, we went to Mr Tarus’s place where we planted 5 trees in our environmental program. We thank him for availing space.


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