Double loss For Team Polygon- 24/11/17

This was a day of a double beating for the Polygon Teams.

First off, the U-10s were humbled for the second time in less that a week by the industrious LYSA who were at their home turf. It was a generally poor display by the U-10 team that lacked purpose for the entire match. polygon didnt quite turn up for the match; as their opponents LYSA ran rampage on them during both halves.

LYSA got their first goal after a mistake from Polygon’s Wisdom Mburu who gave a weak backpass to the keeper that was intercepted by a LYSA player who made no mistake and slotted in the first goal. Polygon were unable to even make an attempt at goal the entire half.

The second stanza was more or less the same as LYSA scored a quick goal early into the half and remained dominant for the rest of the match. It ended 2-0 in favor of LYSA.

The Senior U-13 team were more enterprising than their U-10 side but fell a goal down within the first 10 minutes. They scored their second minutes later with a well-taken free kick that left the Polygon keeper catching dust!

In the 2nd half, Polygon pulled one back but couldnt hold on for long as LYSA added a third. Moments later, LYSA added a forth goal to try seal matters. Polygon pulled back 2 quick goals and had started to apply major pressure before unfortunately, the match ended. It ended 4-3 in favor of LYSA.

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