Mixed results for The Polygon Team

This was a day of mixed results for Polygon Soccer as we managed to play 3 games against 3 teams in one day.

Against Ongata Academy Team A, The team fell by 3 goals to one. Polygon struggled to settle and it only took the first half for Ongata Academy to bury the match as 3 quick goals diminished the morale of the Polygon team. Polygon came back to the second stanza a more energized team and managed to score a consolation goal but it wasn’t enough to achieve a descent result!

In the second match, a highly energized polygon team managed to edge out LYSA on the same venue. Polygon scored 3 goals against LYSA who had a penalty slotted in in the dying minutes to acquire a descent result.

Since the matches were played back to back, Polygon returned to the final match against Ongata Academy B who were very fresh as they had not played any match at all. The tired legs of the Polygon players could not sustain another fullmatch and they fell 1-5 to their opponents on that match.

We live to fight another day. Back to training tomorrow!


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