Polygon Walloped!

It was another day of mixed fortunes for the Polygon team as the different categories registered different results on the day.

In a total of 3 matches, 2 played by the U11 side and one by the U13 side, Polygon had lots to learn from both experiences.

The Captains for Saturday and Sunday were Victor Owuor and Kennedy Asembo respectively. In the first match, the U11s were unfortunate to loose by a solitary goal against a flamboyant Rongai Stars side that came into the match ready to win. Polygon’s resistance was broken in the later part of the half when a sleek move from the wing ensured that the ball was coolly slotted in as Polygons defense was caught napping due to lapse in concentration. polygon lost 0-1 at the end of the ninety.

The second match pitted The U13s and there was little to compare among the two teams as Rongai Stars unleashed their A-game to ensure they ran out eventual winners. Polygon were 4-0 at half time as a mixture of bad decisions and uneasiness from the polygon defenders couldnt match the speed and agility of the Rongai side.  The match eventually ended 6-0 in favour of Rongai Stars.

The last match had the U11 plaing again and this time, Polygon were the first to score though their sensational striker Peter Kirimi . Polygon couldnt hold on to the win as Rongai came roaring in the second half to earn a respectable 1-1 draw to end the day on that note.

Team polygon lives to fight another day.


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