Bittersweet results at the Polygon grounds

It was a day of mixed results for Polygon Soccer as we played against Gataka Homeboyz. Our young lads in the u-12 team were given a thorough beating after being clobbered 6-1 by the enterprising U-12 Homeboyz team. Our team was trailing in as early as the 7th minute when Homeboyz scored their first goal after immense pressure from our opponents. We were lucky for most of the first half as our goalie, Ken, made sure the the goals were not beyond reach.

Our U-15 team made a better account of themselves as they won 6-3 with a dominant performance against the fancied Homboyz senior side. The chances were limited as the teams seemed to equal each other in terms of tactical and physical abilities! Polygon were able to dominate and come alive in the second half after the entry of prolific goal-scorer Brian Mutinda who scored 3 goals to ensure Polygon ran away with the voctory.  Polygon will be facing Gifted FC at the  end of the week to cap the series of friendlies for the holiday season. We wish the well in that match.

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