Double loss for Polysoccer.


It  was a double loss for the Polysoccer side as we were unfortunate to loose two games in a row on Saturday.  We had a mini tournament at Laiser Hill Academy which involved the hosts LaiserHill, Rongai All stars, Hillview FC and Polysoccer. Due to time constraints, we were only able to play 2 matches, against All stars where we narrowly lost 2-3 and Hillview where we lost 1-3.

The losses can mainly be attributed to a lack of concentration in the final quarter as fatigue set in around that time.  We were leading in the first halves of both games but couldn’t hold on to the lead as our opponents were able to come back and snatch victory from our grasp.  The encounter against Hillview came at a point when the team, lacking most personnel who had gone for Madaraka day celebration, had just finished the first match and we’re tired.  This showed as we couldn’t maintain our lead for long as Hillview came back to win the match convincingly. Polysoccer  is preparing for a league that begins early July through to November. We head back to training next Saturday as we aim to sharpen our skills for the upcoming league.

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