Polysoccer edge out parents/friends team

This was the third edition of the friends vs Polysoccer team. The aim was specifically to raise funds for an upcoming league that the team will be registering in July. Invitations had been sent as usual and the team would like to thank the parents/friends who took time off their schedule to play a match against Polysoccer

Action started immediately after the buzzer and Polysoccer were the more enterprising team as all of them were fit and had warmed up earlier. Polysoccer were the first to find the net and would go on to build a considerable lead of 4-1 against the parents team just before the end of the half! The parents team had to change gear and tactics as their talisman, Brayo shook the net three times in less than 10mins to leave the match tied at some point.

Polysoccer came into the second half a rejuvenated side and scored four goals in that half. Parents also added 2 goals but created the bulk of chances which were unfortunately wasted by the main striker, Brayo, who didn’t perform as expected surprisingly.

The match ended 8-6 in favour of Polysoccer. Parents have vowed to make amends after a below par performance and insisted that the loss was majorly because of travel fatigue.

Polysoccer would like to thank all parents who came through today and also those who couldn’t but have and are still supporting the team. The next match up will be on August, as Polysoccer will be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary. This is a major achievement for us.

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