Polysoccer, Laiser & Hillside meetup

This happened at Laiser hill Academy as there was a tri-academies challenge among the three academies.

Polysoccer started the first match in the u14 category against the hosts Laiser hill Academy. Laiser posed a great challenge to our team and were leading by a solitary goal. The team struggled to get accustomed to the slippery grounds which our opponents were very familiar with but it was in vain. Laiser were better tactically and had almost perfected on their first touches which gave them an advantage over Polysoccer.  It didnt come as a surprise when Laiser were able to add another goal in the dying minutes of the second stanza to consolidate a well-deserved win and crown an enterprising performance that Polysoccer couldnt match on this day.

The second match had our U12 team playing against Hillside Fc. Hillside came into this match bruised from the previous encounter we had and were determined to get the victory.  Our young ones were very prepared for this match and though they took longer to settle, they got into the rhythm and were a goal ahead late into the first half.  The second stanza was equally balanced with both team loosing great chances but eventually couldnt find the back of the net. The match ended 1-0 in favor of Polysoccer.

The last match had Polysoccer play against Hillside u14 team. this was a very entertaining match as both teams displayed some encouraging level of maturity tactically.  Polygon scored 2 quick goals from Hillary and Musa and were able to run away 2-0 victors at  the end of the ninety. These matches were a teaser for the upcoming league that Polysoccer will be taking part in starting mid July/

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