Gifted FC Friendly

We played against Gifted FC on Wednesday, 7/8/2019 at our home ground at oleFrema Secondary school.

The team arrived early eagerly after training for the match during the weekend in anticipation.

First on the pitch were the u12s. gifted FC was a very formidable opponent as they lined up a squad full of energetic young lads that were yearning for a win and it didnt take long for then to announce their intention as they dominated the early exchanges. The created numerous chances but were unable to finish off the match as Polysoccer put up a stong defensive line that ensured matters stayed level at the breather.

The second half was more of the same story as the Polysoccer team struggled to match their opponents since we were missing some of our key players to other personal commitments. Polysoccer made matters difficult for Gifted as a quick break found Kagiri solo against the goal keeper and he made the chance count as he was able to calmly slot the ball past the oncoming keeper to provide Polysoccer with an advantage at the end of the ninety. the match ended 1-0 in favour of Polysoccer.

The u14s had a negative result as they struggled to match an enterprising gifted Fcc who, rattled from the loss of their junior side came in guns blazing. The Polysoccer team switched off early in the match and were 2 goals down during the breather. polysoccer came back more energetic and equalized but no sooner had they done that, than a lapse in defense gave Gifted another goal. Gifted were soon 4-2 up thanks to a mistake by Polysoccer midfielder, Benjamin in the last quarter of the match. Polygon pressured and it payed off as Striker Ring scored Polysoccer’s third goal. the match ended 4-3 in favour of Gifted FC.

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