Launched initially as Polygon Soccer on 03/06/2017 at 9am.

We are based in Ongata Rongai and our training ground currently is at OleFrema High School along Kimani Rd, Opp Laiser Hill Academy, Along Magadi Road.

From the coach……

This is as a result of my continued passion for soccer and the environment. As the instructor, I aim to support and nurture talent from a young age to realize their talents as they grow up. It all started as a way of just training a small group of kids and give them a platform to just be kids as most of them come from very humble backgrounds. This has developed into a very committed and solid ground of young people determined to really change their lives through soccer. Through this initiative,the children have hope for the future and are avoiding activities that can ruin their lives including drugs and early sexual behavior.

The impact,even to the parents has been overwhelming and some of these reasons are responsible for keeping the fire burning for me, as the coach and financier of the project. The numbers have grown thus the need to have structures and a vision which are boldly written in my heart. For me, when a kid gets a school scholarship through the team, my heart feels at home and all the effort I have undertaken, gives meaning when an event like this happens. I implore all that might be interested supporting this project to kindly do so and I assure you that it is a step toward giving hope and esteem to a child very much in  need of it.


We aim to tap talent at a tender age and provide the necessary tools to ensure that your child acquires the best skills and techniques needed to advance in the soccer world as well as develop the holistic aspect of the child as a human being to be able to gain skills that will help him face life’s major challenges.

In tandem with the training in Soccer, we introduce fun games with Social lessons touching on the following aspects:

  • Life Skills promotion and Self-Directed Learning
  • Health and Wellness including HIV behavior change
  • Female empowerment including gender equality
  • Conflict prevention including social inclusion
  • Child rights education
  • Womens rights policy Education
  • Environmental awareness and conservation
  • Sport for fun

This games have been adopted from training modules by http://www.coachesacrosscontinents.org and http://www.futbolmas.org/en/kenya/